Driving Lessons & Prices

Driving Lessons & Prices

For cheap, yet quality driving lessons in the Orpington and Bromley areas, don’t hesitate to contact Right Gear Driving to book yours today!


Each driving lesson is carefully prepared and recorded. Routes are designed around your level of ability with an opportunity to ‘stretch’ so you progress at your pace with confidence and look forward to your next lesson.

Beginner driving lessons; 

From the start you will find your instructor friendly, reliable and patient as they guide you through the first lesson, later as we help you through the rest of the course you`ll discover interesting subjects and develop new skills until you can drive independently and be able to take and pass the driving test. The Beginners Course is suitable for all ages and ability.

Refresher driving lessons; 

You may have taken a break from driving lessons and need to get going again or have not driven for a while either way we’ll get you back on track.

Pass Plus; 

After passing the driving test, you can undertake further training in other aspects of driving. Motorways for example can be challenging for a new driver and we offer first class training in conditions not encountered before your test.


Per hour

Daytime (9 to 5) – £23 per hour

Outside normal working hours e.g. evening/weekend – £27 per hour

Block booking (10 hours) *

Daytime – £210 (that’s just £21 per hour)

Outside normal working hours e.g. evening/weekend – £250

If you recommend us to someone who becomes a client then we will give you a one hour driving lesson free!

Charge for test is £65. This includes a 1 hour lesson beforehand, hire of the car and returning you home

Membership – A one-off fee of £20. This will allow you access to all subject matter presentations (click to see example) and 15 written e-reports (click to see example) highlighting persistent driving errors to be focussed on in the next lesson, and how those issues can be resolved.

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